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OptiStem is on the road to the clinic

By Emma Kemp - Posted on 25 January 2011

The road from basic research to clinical applications is at the core of OptiStem’s work. A set of new materials show how OptiStem members are building on knowledge about muscle and epithelial stem cells to make progress in the challenging journey to the clinic.

The new informational tools are aimed at key stakeholders such as funders and policy makers, clinicians and patients, regulators or scientists working outside the stem cell research field.





The materials introduce the OptiStem project and explain the key steps in the clinical translation process:

  • OptiStem leaflet – introducing OptiStem and its work, from research to knowledge exchange and public engagement;
  • Road to the clinic poster – a visually striking overview of the vital steps in the clinical translation process, with added notes on OptiStem’s activities at each stage of the journey;
  • Road to the clinic PowerPoint presentation – a series of simple slides providing the information on the poster in a form that is easy to adapt to suit your presentation or event.

You can download all the materials below. If you are holding an event or conference at which you would like to distribute printed copies of the leaflet, please email optistem-comms [at] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk with details of your event purpose, size and location.

OptiStem leaflet (pdf)829.36 KB
Road to the clinic poster (pdf)71.7 KB
Road to the Clinic PowerPoint slides (ppt)427.5 KB