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At work in the lab. Image courtesy of MolMed S.p.A.At work in the lab. Image courtesy of MolMed S.p.A.OptiStem combines basic research about stem cells with pre-clinical work and clinical trials. All these areas of research are vital if we want to understand how to use stem cells in the fight against disease.

We are investigating how stem cells could be used to treat degenerative diseases that damage skeletal muscle or epithelia such as skin or the surface of the eye.

The following sections of our website give lay summaries of our work along with  more detailed, scientific information about our research. If you would like general information about stem cells, please visit OptiStem is an active partner of EuroStemCell and is committed to providing accessible information to European citizens about our science through our involvement in EuroStemCell's dedicated public engagement activities.


Research Spotlights - Summaries of research published by OptiStem written for non-specialists

Science of stem cells
Clinical applications
Summaries of our Annual Reports