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OptiStem scientists inspire biologists of the future

By Emma Kemp - Posted on 23 June 2010

A student during the lab visitA student during the lab visitWhat is it really like to be a stem cell scientist? What goes on in a research lab? Students from the Los Padres High School in Barcelona, Spain discovered the answers when they visited one of OptiStem's partners on 2nd June 2010.

Dr Pura Muñoz and her research group hosted a visit from three high school students at their laboratory at the Experimental and Health Sciences Department, University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The day was a pilot for a planned programme of larger group visits.


The students were first introduced to some key scientific concepts in stem cell research. They then learnt about the scientific goals of the lab and the techniques that are used every day to help achieve these goals.

Next, the students visited several different areas of the lab, such as the cell culture and microscope rooms. This was a chance to experience first-hand what a lab is like, and to talk directly to scientists about day-to-day life as a researcher.

The day was a great experience for both the visiting students and members of the Muñoz laboratory. This visit was a pilot for a series of larger visits, in which the lab will host groups of 34 to 40 high school students. The pilot laid the foundations for success with these future events.

If you would like to know more about future visits to the Muñoz laboratory, contact Marina Raya at marina [dot] raya [at] upf [dot] edu